If I were in politics I would be emulating Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, NJ. This nytimes video showcases his impressive approach to politics. I know that Mayor Guiliani has a weekly radio show, and Presidents like Roosevelt have fire side chats, but this effort seems to go a longer way. I especially liked when a dude came in for a job and he made a personal phone call on the spot and immediately got the man an interview. This is what makes democracy impressive, not public relations schemes and catchphrases.


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Pretty much how everyone feels at some point.

Black magic in the hood, its tragic but understood
Crack addicts, crack windows, crack wood
Even whats bad becomes good, status becomes stood
Upon the pedestal welcome to the ghetto show

common can sum it up when he wants to.

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Today in Tuesday’s Science Times, Natalie Angier discusses the why the element of surprise is so important in evolution. She wraps up her article with this:

“The combined modularity and bounciness of body parts suggest that life is spring-loaded for change, for outrageous commixtures, the wildest fusion cuisine. And who knows whether our organismic suppleness, our deep evolvability, isn’t related to our mental thirst for the new, and our hope that behind the door lies the best surprise yet?”

To me, this is music to my ears. Evolution can explain why we/I, am so interested in technology and the future. It is hardwired into my genetic makeup. So the next time I feel the need to buy a new HDTV I am going to justify my purchase with the notion that I simply can not resist my thirst for the new. Booya.

Existential angst:

It just seemed possible for a moment that since snowflakes, raindrops, and weather in general are completely different in each new iteration of itself that this is what is responsible for life. Life is anything that variates from the original. Humans are just variations of earlier variations of the same material. Movement is responsible for variations, and the big bang is responsible for movement. What is responsible for the big bang?

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A collection of 20 rare photographs with detail description. (Direct link this time, no blog spam)

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Posted straight from my phone with Nakama.

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