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“let’s just tax the rich at Eisenhower levels, start Single Payer health care for all, stop the wars, close the international military bases, stop subsidizing the oil companies, and penalize companies that send jobs overseas. Speaking of education, let’s train the FBI in economics as well as anti-terrorism so they can actually find the evidence to put some of the Wall Street crooks in jail. Oh, and unionize all workers, public and private. Our children and our grandchildren will thank us, and then we can all die in peace.”


I went to see 300 last night at midnight and it was most definitely worth it.  After leaving the movie theater at 2:30 in the morning I was more pumped up to kill persians than perhaps i’ve ever been.  Basically the most badass movie since The Last Samurai, and it’s probably one of the gorriest movies ever made.  It took about 30 minutes before the battling began, but once it started it didn’t stop.  I’d give it a 5/5, go see it in Imax if you can.

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Pretty much how everyone feels at some point.

I’m gona go ahead and add the code to see what it looks like, but i’m not submitting this.
Edit: It’s taken me till today (march 2nd) to figure out why I am retarded and why this hasn’t been working.

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Posted straight from my phone with Nakama.

A collection of 20 rare photographs with detail description. (Direct link this time, no blog spam)

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woohoo I got on the front page.  Hopefully the blog spam gets dugg down.


Posted straight from my phone with Nakama.

“What a nose—hazelnut, oatmeal, sweet white fruit, smoke, spice, and a touch of nutmeg. Stirring nose. Ripe, spicy, sublime, succulent grapefruit, pear. Perfect balance. Holy shit.”

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