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It seems as though every day I find something completely worthy of devouring my time on the web. Today I have re-discovered twitter, something I saw when it first came out and almost immediately discarded it as stupid. Now I must admit that I was wrong, and twitter is awesome. I can’t yet explain what it is coherently, mainly because it is so many things at once. Here is a screen shot of one of my first experiments.


As you can see, that is me, and i’m also the 6th post down on twitters front page. Exciting indeed. One can only expect to stay on the front page for about 10 seconds before more updates push you off into the archives. My page is

So back into focus: Why I Love The Web; because it is the communications tool. Twitter is an example of how any idea is capable of being produced. All that is needed is an imagination. Since I wrote off twitter as stupid prematurely I decided to go back and visit clipmarks as well. This was something which I thought was cool, and intriguing, but nonetheless I deleted the firefox extension because I thought I would never use it. Well I just reinstalled it, and i’m going to be using it alot I think. Also, I think it’s time to buy my own space on the web. I have too many ideas waiting to be published to not have a space to publish them. This is definitely in the works. All I have to do now is figure out how to install everything!


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