A Blogject if you will:


“We are here to find meaning. We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary.” via

The ball’s purpose is to connect people to eachother in a way that has never been done before. This has many consequences, the one I would like to see is an improved understanding of each-other (you know, humans). The ball is powered by kinetic energy like a watch, it gets charged by movement. The ball is a usb dongle, a gps locator, a large flash drive, a bluetooth device, a video camera, an instruction manual, a wireless hotspot, and most importantly it is a social networking object. This ball is not meant to stay in one place for a sustained amount of time, it is designed to keep moving (hence kinetic energy power source). The ball itself is only fifty percent of the idea, the backend is what makes the object dynamic. A website will be built around the object so that any video recorded will be uploaded, tagged, shared, and commented on by anyone with an internet connection. Bear with me while I flesh out the possible uses for this device. Imagine the first day a blogject is launched into the environment: the first batch will be a hundred balls all originating from the same place. After twelve hours the balls will have been scattered throughout the state of Massachusetts, after the first day the balls will be all over the United States, the first week all over the world. Instructions included in the ball (in many languages) will direct the user to record a message and pass the ball on to a stranger. Fed Ex it, kick it, and espescially throw it to anyone and everyone. Each ball will have its own dedicated page on the website. This will contain a map of its location in real time, a map showing the history of where the ball has traveled, video messages in descending order, battery status, guestbook signatures, RSS feeds, and probably many more features. Imagine a US civilian sending a blogject to an Iraqi insurgent, this is really the only way a conversation could precipitate between these two people. Individuals will be able to sponsor balls and even set rules for some of the balls. If the ball gets lost then it will be designed not to harm the environment – it is recyclable. If nothing else it can be used as a ball to play with. If the ball gets broken there will be a code in each ball, the person who finds it will call a number and read the code to the operator, the operator will send the user money and the user will send us the ball back for repairs. This is all for now, hopefully this is only the first step of many.

Required reading for better understanding of how this product will work: Spime, Plato’s Cave.