Although admittedly it was poorly written, this blog post I made in July is almost identical to this NYTimes article published today. Ill show you with side by side excerpts.

Destroyer: Let me give you a hint at what tools today’s humans can use to bring out their inner artists: Flickr, Youtube, metafilter music, podcasting, vidcasting, the vast amount of blogging software, flash applications, photoshop, pro-tools, dreamweaver, and the list goes on. AND Once people accumulate more digital camera’s and video recording devices and learn how to produce the final product that they have envisioned much more easily we will start seeing a huge amount of incredibly diverse and groundbreaking media.

NYT: A successful artist needed not only creativity and skill, but also access to the tools of production — studios, recorders, cameras — and outlets for mass distribution. AND The promise of all the self-expression online is that genius will reach the public with fewer obstacles, bypassing the entrenched media.

Now the big question is: do I think this is a coincidence? And the resoundingly obvious answer is: Of course, nobody reads this blog besides my sister (and she hasn’t been here for a couple months). This does indicate that I am ahead of the curve, I wrote that blog article in July but it was based on ideas I had been saving in my head for about a year. So lets say that I am a good solid year (maybe longer) ahead of the New York Times on this issue. I know this doesn’t say very much since print medias coverage of the online realm is what I like to call reluctant journalism. It’s necessary because its too huge to be ignored, yet at the same time its diverting eyeballs away from your own product. “Hey we’re the New York Times and this user generated content meme that’s been floating around is kicking our ass! Lets talk about it / thank god we got that article out of the way, hopefully nobody actually read it, they’ll be too busy blogging and making their own articles on those newfangled blog mechanisms.” /end cynicism. What is exciting is that halfway through this article I started to think that I had previously thought these same thoughts, and then I remembered that of course I had and I even blogged about it, so this has been the most rewarding thing about blogging so far because without the record of me blogging about this I might have just assumed that the NYT came up with these ideas. It’s a good feeling. Also don’t forget about my other run in with the NY Times.

Edit: Ten minutes after writing this I stumbled upon this article in the Huffington post where they rip the NYTimes for being late to the game : “Yet this site, which has not yet “broken” in the mainstream press (cue NYT in about two weeks)”. Talking about PhilTube’s “I’m blogging” video (see my about page, bottom, press play) Nothing like immediate validation.