Web 3.0 is already a more hated term than web 2.0 but the point of these terms is to define important revolutions in the way the web is used; so they do merit an existence. In my estimations Web 3.0 is going to be bringing web applications to objects other than computers. The Web is going to be 3D. When Wi-Max becomes the norm there will be a huge amount of potential for data to be collected and transmitted. Anything and everything will be able to be tagged, manipulated, and have a history on the web. For instance think of your laundry bag. If you put a scale at the bottom of the bag and plug in a set amount of weight (say 30 pounds) that will trigger a wi-fi signal to be sent to your online productivity application whenever this weight has been reached: you will know when to do your laundry. This kind of thing may be solving problems that don’t exist but its just an example. Another example might be to have all the lighting in your house controllable through your PDA or cell phone. This is already possible, but this type of application is begging to be made easier and more mainstream. Another example could be to have your fire alarms and carbon monixide detectors tied into your cell phone, so when they go off then your cell phone and your girlfriend/best friends cell phone rings with an automated message. These are ideas that are just off the top of my head and much better ones are possible. I’m only thinking about the household. Think about making applications like this for your car, or for your clothing, or for your pets. This is Web 3.0 – the web in 3 dimensions.