When I was landscaping the other day I was hit with a lightning-bolt of inspiration. I want to start a business that flips houses. The kicker is that in the renovations I would be including state of the art technology enhancements like this guy:
The Cortexa, this thing controls Lighting, security, A/V, HVAC, irrigation, garage doors, and surveillance. It can be controlled by the touch screens which you buy with it or from any web enabled pc or PDA. Yes, that means you can turn the lights on in your house with your PDA when your sitting in your garage (which you just opened with your PDA also). Very hi-tech.

The other part of the renovation includes secret passageways and trap doors. For instance when a book in the bookcase is pulled it moves aside and you have your very own “Panic Room”.

This room can even be where you control your Cortexa.

This website http://www.hiddenpassageway.com/ is where I can order all the trapdoors/secret bookcases all fit to order! I just give them the specs, and they give me the bookcase. That’s pretty incredible, watch their videos if you don’t think it’s exciting. This will make the houses that i’m flipping literally fly off the market. I’m hoping that I won’t be able to keep up with the demand. Now all that needs to happen is me actually doing this. This last step will inevitably be the hardest part.