While ruminiating on how digg works I had an idea that could potentially be useful for viewing the web as a whole. Digg, which is known for democratizing media by eliminating any editors and any type of large government or corporate censors is exactly what should be the business model permeating into the far reaches and niches of not just how media is presented but how all information on the web is delivered. For instance the idea that I have come up with would be like a filter on top of a website (take CNN for example) that shows what users are thinking of that page in real time by using visual cues. So you go to CNN, look at all the top stories and think for yourself about what is really important. Next you toggle the filter that goes on top of CNN’s homepage and it shows links that are color coded by importance or validity (these can be figured out better during creation). How many people enjoyed the link, how many people find it bullshit, how many people think theres something missing. The special thing about this service is that the main homepage would be something that just organizes the information, and would not even need to be visited unless your really interested in finding out what the the collective database of information looks like. You pretty much can have a say on EVERY website by simply laying the filter on top of it (keep in mind that this can be toggled so it won’t be used unless the user wants it there). Once it becomes popular enough users will be using the filter to add opinions to thousands of websites and in real time it is updated and the massive userbase can really democratize EVERY piece of information that comes across the internet. The key to this site is that you aren’t visiting the same one site and being redirected to many thousands of different sites. Its that you are visiting many thousands of different sites which can all contain data pertaining to that one backround site. I have no idea if that explanation is articulated to a suitable degree of coherence or not but it sure makes sense in my own head.

And while i’ve got the ideas flowing theres another website that I would like to see that would further democratize media.  A newspaper or online news portal whose contributors are ONLY blogger types.  This way NO money is involved in the reporting of the news.  The only way some type of democratic news takeover would happen would be to start small and just aggregate news from citzien journalists who write in blogs.  Grow the model from there.