When I read about spime earlier this week it really made me start thinking about what the products of the future were going to look like. Spime is basically the next step after gizmos in product development; allow me to make sense of this. A gizmo is basically a cell phone that has tons of features and no real directions. Spime is a product that has tons of features along with huge amounts of direction and responsibility. The spime of the future will have a barcode that will allow its users to pretty much instantaneously gain knowledge about the product anywhere from when and where it was created to what uses it has (this can be updated as much as it needs to be). It is built with its demise in mind as it will be concioulsy designed to meet recylcing demands. It has many other features, so if you are really interested read the hyperlinked article above. I came up with the idea of a blogging tool from the future. It formed in my head as a big bouncy ball that was picked up and carried around the globe and automatically updated what it recorded back to a website. This bouncy ball would have built in GPS, bluetooth, a video camera, an led screen with instructions in many different languages, an it would be powered by kinetic energy. Basically anyone who found this *SPIME* could record a message or a picture or a thought and it would automatically be uploaded to a website. It could be carried on a plane and traveled with around the globe, it should be as versatile as its user wants it to be (i.e. able to be used as a ball to play catch with). It should also have a set of rules that could be followed or could be chosen to be ignored. The rules I had in mind were that nobody should hold on to the spime for any longer than 48 hours. If someone tracks it down by tracing it on the internet with gps they should be able to record something, and be in line to take the spime once the 48 hours is up. Once your 48 hours is up and nobody has claimed it, your duty is to give it to somebody completely random (fedex it to a motorcycle fabricator in Brazil if you wanted to). It has the potential to perpetually travel around. It can never get lost. It doesn’t necesarily have to do anything that will “accomplish” something useful but it then again has the potential to do so. Think of if an Americal soldier in Iraq gets hold of the spime and records things and he tosses it into enemy territory, they use the built in directions to record things or don’t and get recorded anyways. Now that I think of it, the ball should be fairly indestructable. All of this technology is probably not possible yet in such a small place, but if materialized it would certainly have mindblowing results.