I believe we could now be entering a rennaisance period akin to the famous one that happened in Italy brought on by broad sweeping technological leaps in self publishing tools and delivery methods. Let me give you a hint at what tools todays humans can use to bring out their inner artists: Flickr, Youtube, metafilter music, podcasting, vidcasting, the vast amount of blogging software, flash applications, photoshop, pro-tools, dreamweaver, and the list goes on. The difference is that instead of the people in Italy who made art for their clients, todays art is made basically for recognition. Our internet is one of a gift culture as opposed to a market culture where we basically give away our artistic efforts (among many other things) based on the fact that we gain recognition for them. This rennaisance is also on a global scale as opposed to a fairly small country in europe. Once people accumulate more digital camera’s and video recording devices and learn how to produce the final product that they have envisioned much more easily we will start seeing a huge amount of incredibly diverse and groundbreaking media.